Turning Byproduct into New Opportunity.

The Book Buddy product line exists because of our commitment to combine every aspect of production in our own custom developed facility in Samastipur, Bihar. Manufacturing is at the very heart of what we do at BookBuddy. We love turning raw materials into good ideas each and every day.
Servicing these missions, critical supply relationships is our specialty at the Book Buddy. Among the many services and assets we provide are:

Everything that BookBuddy does — from the designing to the packaging — is done in-house at the company’s headquarters in Samastipur. And the books are truly Made in India — everything from the staples to the packaging is done in Samastipur, BIHAR.

What can we do for you?

School Notebook supply

Our book buddy notebook comes in different sizes and pages to match school needs. The paper quality and price is best in market. Whole sallers and Bulk Buyers get additional discount.

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College & School practical notebook

Practical notebooks are one of the key player in notebook manufacturing industries. We manufacture practical note books and can customize based on your needs.

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A4 Size white paper to photo copiers

A4 Size sheets are very popular product for photo copy, Printing data and design prototype creation of many studios. We produces world class products and on cost effective way.

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BookBuddy Introduction/Welcome Video

BookBuddy Coming soon

Notebook Making Video

Notebook making video step by step demonstation by Manjot Industrial Corp.